Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dior Homme - Robert Pattinson Official Interview + New Dior BTS Footage

Tons of gifs and screencaps of the interview and BTS footage were posted here

ETA: Added Youtube Video from Dior's Youtube. I left the Elle France version (second video) because that one seems to be a little longer


You can also watch at Elle France's site here.

Thanks Laura for the heads up.


ameliejoline said...

I love the interview. He knows what he want.

vaneguerra said...

I love the interview, he looks so hot

verena said...

Love everything about this man! Thx!

Eliz / TEB4E said...

Great interview and I'm not surprised that Rob had a final say in director and the direction and tone of the mini film.

Andrea Natanegara said...

I can't get enough of Rob saying "sexy" GAAAAAAAAH everything with him in it is always sexy