Friday, August 30, 2013

#DiorRob Week Starts on Dior's Tumblr, Facebook and Dior Mag - New Gifs and Pictures + Old Pictures Now in Better Quality

ETA: We'll keep adding the new pictures that they post on tumblr, facebook, twitter and Dior Mag. If you see this post at the top, it's because it has been updated with a new picture.

Dior week started on Dior's tumblr and they're posting new & old pictures (but in better quality) gifs!

If you have a tumblr, make sure to reblog the #DiorRob pictures and gifs there :)

New Pictures

New Gifs

Old Pictures, Now Bigger

Dior's tumblr is also posting the James Dean quotes that are part of the campaign

And from Dior's twitter and facebook, more old pictures in better quality

Dior Mag has the same pictures, cropped, but bigger.


debbie nerissa threet said...


Trying this again. Soooo... Anyone else a bit curious to know where he is right now? Got on a plane 4 days ago, no sightings. Just me? Mkay.

debbie nerissa threet said...

Neverrrmind. :)

Eliz / TEB4E said...

As for where is Rob, we don't even know that he did get on a plane or not, wherever he is hope he has peace & quiet from the papz. I do love all the pics, especially the one at the piano, it reminds me of the photo shoot during BD filming in Louisiana.

Iluvthemovies said...

Hi debbie, I am not curious, as Eliz/TEB4E stated, I hope he has some sort of escape from the papz. I love most everything about the photos and the snippets of video we have seen so far my only criticism is that photo where he is looking straight into the camera and looks like he is dazed with a white shirt and skinny tie. Everything else is perfection, especially him at the piano with Camille behind him. That is the photo that should sell the product, I have read and heard more people or women really love that photo.

Maria Clara Pedreira said...

Oh my God! My heart just fail in a crash. Robet already beautiful by itself, there will Dior let him shirtless in black and white. I'll start thinking about the idea of selling my kidney to buy this perfume. more only if it is accompanied caroto the hype!! lol

jalayne duncan said...

very nice pix... James Dean indeed... hope you find what you are searching for.

Jane said...

James Dean can't hold a candle to Rob. This is one of the best, if not the best man's fragrance ad that I hae ever seen. You want to automatically see more and disappointed that you can't. Rob made the right choice to go with Dior and Dior made the right choice to pick Rob. This was a very good move career wise.