Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rob talks about Georges Duroy, his character in Bel Ami

Quotes aren't "new". They're from the Eclipse press junket.

After three Twilights, Bella Swan is still a virgin. Which is one more virgin than you can expect to find in Robert Pattinson's forthcoming, sex-filled period piece Bel Ami, co-starring Uma Thurman.

"It's about a character called Georges Duroy, who is a broke ex-soldier in Paris in 1890. Basically, he has no drive. He's just jealous of everything. I quite liked the story," Pattinson says, describing his role as "a completely amoral, evil character."

Despite the European period setting, he also believes the themes are universal.

"Kids nowadays, everyone feels entitled. You see someone who wants to do a job, but they don't want to do an entry level job. 'I want $100,000 a year as soon as I'm out of the gate.'

"That's exactly what this guy is like. But he's completely talentless. The only thing he does is, by accident, he finds this guy he's in the army with in a brothel, and this other guy wants to impress him, so he gives (Georges) some money and invites him around.

"It ends up being like he invited the devil into his house. (Georges) seduces his wife and seduces all his wife's friends. Every single influential woman he can get, he has an affair with. And he ends up screwing over the entire society and making millions and millions of francs. It's a story about how the s---s can completely win sometimes, just by doing absolutely nothing and stabbing everybody in the back."

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☆❘Princy❘☆ said...

Its quite intriguing, the way Rob analyzies each character he portrays in his films or upcomming films. It shows that he is deticated to his work. He was definately born to be an actor.
He inspires me alot, that makes him my idol. =)

piebeary27 said...

From all his interviews, you can see he has so much depth as a person. I love how he is an intellectual who really puts a lot of deep thought into his characters and into movies in general. Gorgeous, funny, talanted, down-to-earth, and smart?! What a lethal combination! Swoon!!!

☆❘Princy❘☆ said...

He is like a well carved diamond if u ask me.
And m sure there r a couple of to-be-made oscars with his name written all over it.

erpatz said...

that's OUR ROB lol...
Iam never so much proud being fan of an actor/musician...

just him...

Pervaiz said...

I also like this actor.
Thanks for this.

RobPattinsonBerlin said...

I cant wait for Georges F*ck me Duroy!