Monday, July 5, 2010

Rob Doesn't Want To Make Pointless Films - Fox 2 Detroit Interview

The interviewer asks Rob about his hair and he actually gives a real answer!


Youtube thanks to alison4828


♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

there's no logic on how gorgeous this man is...
i love this site!!! it makes "almost" all my dreams come true :D TKS SO MUCH RPL!!

Iluvthemovies said...

I luv how you have musical notes before and after your name, quite lovely. I read your comment about Argentina's lost in World Cup. Sorry to hear it. I did not know you were from Argentina, how is the country taking it? I know when our local basketball team, The Lakers lose the city is devastated. Thank god they won, unfortunately when the team wins, idiots start ruining property around the city.

I luv how Rob says Christoph's last name. He is so proper. He is dreamy and those fingers, how I luv those fingers. A shout out to RPL for always providing us the best pictures and uploading them so fast. There are great.

Take care,

stephaniemarie said...

I adore him and I will see all movies he is in....He is just so lovely and humble.

twilightnan said...

Hello! from England..ITA with both Iluvthemovies and Yaelfica...our ST.George's flags and buntings are still up around the house even though Endland is already out of the world..anyway back Rob and his least he didn't say anything horrid about why he had it!he gave a straight answer.oh u love Rob's hands and fingers,so do I'd love to see him play the piano live..that would be a dream comes true for his millions of fans..he is just so adorable and very talented! kisses to u all!!