Thursday, July 1, 2010

And a few more new pictures of Rob on the WFE set today [HQ and Untagged]

ETA: Added a few more

A few are probably doubles from the other entries, but I'm just posting the whole set of pictures.



Yaelfica said...

welcome back dean!!

twilightnan said...

as I've put in my previous threads..WELCOME BACK DEAN!!we miss you it is not the same without you watching over ROB hope everthing is ok and u had a good rest!!and hi to @ Yaelfica @ Iluvthemovies+ Mrs.Deen..

twilightnan said...

Rob is just so handsome in tuxedo..he is going to appear all bloodied next time after his fight with August( Marlena's husband).nearing the end of the film.I'm really looking forward to this film!

Ursula said...

OMG I have been so busy lately I havent been able to go though these pics, Ima have to make some time tonight to admire all this scrumptiousness! :)