Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robert Pattinson Full Interview for Nightline

ETA: Now video in HQ

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call_it_golden said...

Wow that was a really good interview! One of the best so far for the press of eclipse

showme said...

i agree, and dispels PR BS for good

Relationship question:

Overhead: "KS has had to apologize for comparing being photographed by papz to being raped. In the meantime, idle chatter ab their offset relationship has become a tabloid staple."

Interviewer: "Everybody's speculative about it, but u don't talk about it. Why is that the right decision for you?"

Rob: "I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about it. I mean, in logical terms, if you're just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business, and came up and felt like they needed to comment on it, like, you'd just be like 'SHUT UP! Like I'm gonna kill you!' *laughs* and I mean, it's exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try to sell it either.Maybe if i was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

Overhead: 'But there's no NEED to sell it, as Pattinson's career remains white hot.."
THERE YA GO FOLKS. He's not in a personal relationship for PR. He's in a personal relationship for himself, and doesn't want his business spread around, so he doesn't talk about it. Period. The end.

Golnaz said...

Great Interview! And they covered an array of topics.

And I love his answer for why he wont talk about his love life. He doesn't want to sell his personal relationship for entertainment. Same answer Kristen gives when asked the question. To talk about their relationship would cheapen it because then the media would use their words and sell it.

Cyndi said...

Golden - i hadn't even read your comment, but those were my thoughts exactly. I also agree with Showme. Though he hasn't confirmed what that relationship is between he and Kristen, he gave a very honest and eloquent response on why they don't comment on it. It is what it is. On the outside, it is apparent they are close friends, get along well, and anything beyond that is their business. Great interview. I just don't like him thinking that he will die at 30, cause he has been so blessed. I never like someone talking about dying like that. Yeah Rob! Can't wait for the Twilight Experience on the 29th - 30th!!!

Iluvthemovies said...

This is one of the best interviews, and I love how he anwsered the relationship question, in all future interviews if they ask him about his relationship with Kristen this is how he should answer it. Brilliant.