Friday, May 14, 2010

Pre-order your 'Eclipse' Tickets Now!

Via Twilight

Click to pre-order:


So if you want to see Robward in IMAX you'll only have two weeks for that.


Ursula said...

Nothing comes up for me in Miami, I've checked a few cities and nothing comes up either... :$

Ursula said...

oh wait I found them, but nothing for midnight premiere so far, at least not for Miami :S

Ursula said...

LOL! scratch all that, Im just retarded I was looking on the wrong date :S.... just bought mine for midnight.. SOOOOO excited!

Cyndi said...

Bought 4 tickets for myself and friends!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

meleny said...

:( there's nothing yet near where I live, I have to wait!

Ursula said...

I didnt know the IMAX showing was going to be limited run, thanks for the heads up, I missed that Twilight tweet, Ill buy IMAX tkts tonight ..

Im so excited!!! I just saw the announcement by Regal 2 about the marathon of Twilight and New Moon leading to the premiere for $10, I went online and got them :)
Ill be in heaven with 6 hours of Edward on the big screen back to back :)

is it June 29th yet?!?

Jane said...

Explain to me what IMAX is. A larger screen or what?

meleny said...

@Jane I am wondering too .