Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Set Magazine (Brazil) - "Curiosities not - published about Edward Cullen"

Comics (Translation) - LOL They're just a joke

"Curiosities not - published about Edward Cullen"

- Groups of vegetarians are using the image of Edward in campaigns with great results: "The girls have never eaten so much vegetables! He is the new Popeye!"

- In the USA, 48 teenagers say they have been fertilized by Edward, who reportedly appeared in their windows bare and sparkling in the sun, like in the movie!

- Edward Cullen was originally based on a young Donald Trump, but copyright issues have called for changes in the name and history of the character. Only the original hair was kept as a tribute!

- A 22 year old American disappeared after going through a series of plastic surgeries in order to become the double of Edward Cullen. The procedures were successful, but the whereabouts of the young is a mystery.

- A store in Kentucky (USA) reported a police report alleging assault committed by Edward Cullen, she said, he stole glitter and eyeliner, the case was dropped for lack of evidence!

- Several famous auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen, who ended up with Robert Pattinson, among them Nicolas Cage, who in a recent interview showed the tattoo of Edward in his left arm: "I am his fan, man!"

- The vampire Bill Compton True Blood the show is a fan of Cullen: "He is everything I wanted to be and more, is a pride for the race." He also revealed details of his intimacy with his girlfriend Sookie: "She called me once during Ed ... you know, pretended it was nothing, but I understood the message."

Source via Gossip Dance

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Jenn said...

Donald Trump's hair! Oh my gosh, that is so freaking funny!! My glitter is missing, too! Oh, NO! LOL!