Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rumors about Rob going to Brazil still going strong. Official Twitter of SPFW says he will be there

Rumors about Rob going to Brazil to attend Sao Paulo Fashion Week are still going strong. Now, the official twitter of the event says that according to sources, Rob will be there.

Translation: "Our sources say that Robert Pattinson will come, but not necessarily to walk the runaway"

Nothing confirmed yet. SPFW will be at Fundação Bienal in Sao Paulo from January 17 - 22.
Rob was first rumored to attend the Colcci Fashion Show - according to the Line Up of the event, it will be the on January 17 at 9:30pm.

We still think it's weird because of Bel Ami pre-production, but we'll keep you update.

Thanks to FePattz for the heads up

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demoniasatanica said...

I'm brazilian, I've already called people at colcci and this is not true!!