Monday, January 4, 2010

Rob Makes FN'S "10 Most Fashionable Male Celebs"

The huge success of the “Twilight” film series (and subsequent mystery over his suspected romance with co-star Kristen Stewart — are they or aren’t they dating?) has thrust the often-scruffy Pattinson into the limelight. The self-proclaimed non-trendy dresser is frequently seen wearing basic black Nikes, but perhaps it’s Pattinson’s I-don’t-care attitude that has female (and probably male) teens looking up to the actor for fashion tips.

Source via Thinking Of Rob

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rolange said...

I love the fact that Rob doesn't care about fashion and wears whatever he damn well pleases. He doesn't care about style or trends or brand names. Then you have the other young stars **cough** Zac **couch** Kellen, who obviously do care a lot about fashion and spend a lot of time on their look, preening and primping.

Yet, Rob doesn't and he's getting top spots on best-dressed lists. Maybe it's not the clothes, so much, as the attitude! Love ya' Rob. Don't ever change!!!