Friday, October 9, 2009

Seventeen Magazine Scans - New Interview

ETA: All the scans added

Kristen's interview added because she mentions working with Rob

All the scans of Seventeen Magazine

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Rest of the scans via Pattinsonlife


Sandy said...

Wow! He sounds exactly like Hugh Grant used to talk: didn't know if he wants to be an actor... making jokes about himself and actresses.... I guess it's something Brits have in common. He didn't reveal anything new, actually. Neither did she. It's all generic interviews. Write article - insert any name here. Have they become too big to actually talk to interviewers and "phone" their stuff in? Maybe the TV interviews will be more interesting. Surely there will be some, closer to the 20th of Nov. We'll have to wait. Thank you, guys, for the scans. Great job!!

richwheel said...

I think it sounded genuine and not at all generic and I found kristen's last bit particularly inspirational

Federico Zarco said...
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bracken said...

A friend of my mums served Robert in an eco boutique in london where he was buying I Conjure Candles and Aveda products. She said he was really shy and spoke very quietly.