Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First TV Spot for NM - 'Event' | Video, download links and 80 HD screencaps

Or you can watch here at

Download Links - HD version:

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Source: ljmd | warbazul

80 HD Screencaps

Source: ljmd at Twilightxchange


lamke3598 said...

ohhhh goodness!!


Antonia Cullen said...

*no words*

jeni said...

im excited to watch the film!

valda64 said...

OMG, I cannot tell you the emotion of seeing this clip and stills, he reminded me of the passages in the book so well! Thank you for posting them!

Sandy said...

Terrible! They made him up to look like a monster. Like those old, decrepit vampires from the old movies. He looked sweet and young in Hardwickes Twilight. The make-up, the look, everything was sweet and now has changed. I guess that's what they're trying to do: make him appealing to the guys... Most guys want to see horror, gore and desperate damsels in the movies THEY go to see. BUMMER... Rob is content: less admiring teen girls, less headaches.