Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards - Mega Post

Green Carpet




source | source | and ljmd and kittyglam at Pattinsonlife

Video of Rob's acceptance speech


Rose said...

Holy smokes, do you ever have a lot of pictures! I'm trying to find where this one came from, have you seen it? (you can put your face in the photo, but I would like to find the original)

Antonia Pattinson said...

Thank you so much for the pics. Rob looks sooooo sexy. :P

bigdreams88 said...

thanks for the many pictures!
were the interviews on the redcarpet? and can anyone tell what rob is saying in the video? lol they sure can scream!!

iena amoi said...

OMG!!! So many pics. Where did u get all those? ahahah...thx a lot. Hope someone will post a very good vid of the TCA soon. I can't watch here....they just don't air it. sigh....

Koddy said...

Rob is such a great performer!
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