Monday, August 10, 2009

TCA - More pictures, videos and articles

You can check more pictures at this post


Arrival - mostly HQ and UHQ

Show - UHQ

Backstage - UHQ

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Lots of new and cute MQs in this gallery


Leaving the show with Kristen


Where's Waldo?


Catherine talks about Rob and Kristen


Twilight Takes a Bites Out of Teen Choice Awards
The 2009 Teen Choice Awards Winners & Round Up - 'Twilight' Wins Big!
Twilight Takes a Bite Out of Teen Choice Awards - Ok Magazine
Robert Pattinson forgot to shave!
Robert Pattinson crowned choice male hottie
Robert Pattinson - Teen Choice Awards 2009
The boys heat up the Teen Choice Awards
Robert Brings Kellan and Jackson to the Teen Choice Awards
Twilight Sinks Fangs Into 2009 Teen Choice Awards


iena amoi said...

What was KS doin to Taylor in on those pics? :P

Alice's Aunt said...

-Hehhhhhhhh_ Love ya' Catherine. Wanted *Ron Howard's Little Girl* for Twilight but....... She thought it would be too small a movie, at that time. -Hehhhhhhhhh-

I have no use for Summit or for *RHLG.* None of this 'Oh but she will do a great job too' crap. Hahhhhh! It was tooooooooo damn small for her, first time around. So now, Summit bumps Rachelle, so *RHLG* can jump on board. For the big 'Victoria' film.