Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rob driving in LA. Leaving Kristen's house?

While the rest of the Eclipse cast is up in Vancouver preparing for filming, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both in LA ahead of Sunday's Teen Choice Awards. He was spotted this morning driving in LA in a convertible — so Edward Cullen — allegedly leaving Kristen's house! It wouldn't be the first time these two had an early morning rendez-vous, so hopefully we get to see their amazing chemistry in full effect when they take the stage this weekend.


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Naples said...

Amazing chemistry, really???? I have never seen any amazing chemistry on screen or anywhere else to speak of. If that is amazing chemistry I hope it is not contagious.

Amy Matthews said...

Poor Rob...He needs to be driving a car with highly tinted windows.

aSoCalGal said...

It actually makes me happy to think of him cruising around LA today in a convertable! Wyatt a perfect way t rest! It is gorgeous, absolutely perfect here today!! Now if the photogs would just leave him alone

aSoCalGal said...

Wyatt= what
t= to
Sorry for the typos

iena amoi said...

nice to see him cruising around. Can't wait to see their updates in Eclipse. :D

julia said...

i feel bad for him hes like always being stalked i dont think tht there is anything going on between rob and kristen shes not even tht pretty but hes an amazing actor and i cant wait to see him in new moon