Friday, July 31, 2009

Rob with fans last night

As a New Yorker, I've been privy to meet many celebrities, and not once have I seen a situation like this where photos are taken from Twitter and such speculation is rampant. However, I've also never met an actor or musician with a fan-base with such a dedicated and insatiable hunger for information regarding their idol. Since the information being spread is pretty much all incorrect. I felt it was right to set it straight, because over the past few months my friend has been working on the tips and stories and sightings of other people in hopes of meeting Rob.

Last night, my friend and I who go to school in Long Island City were on our way home and decided to take a detour and pass by XXX where indoor principal photography for Remember Me is taking place and saw that a small crowd was gathered. We figured if there were people waiting there might be a possibility in finally getting to meet Rob. We had tried when they first started filming and were present on the now infamous day when that girl decided to force Rob to give her a piggy back ride. We waited with the group for about an hour and a half when finally Robert came out and we called him over. He hesitated and looked as though he was going to come over, but sadly he did not. Now, this is where the story might've ended if not for some good luck.

My friend Dana and I were held up, because another production vehicle stopped in the street to prevent people from being able to follow Rob's car, an action that seems unprecedented but some people at the set were more than ready to do so. When we finally got moving again, we saw the other two girls we had been waiting with and decided to stop and talk to them and say good night During the traffic jam, they had received some information from an onset source who we will keep unnamed to protect their job, about an outdoor shoot that was taking place that night a few blocks away by the XXX. We followed the tip over to XXX Street and saw a truck with a camera on the back, a few dozen crew members and in the middle of it all was Rob, riding a bike. The scene was pretty simple, just Rob riding a bike up and down the street. During the shoot he rode up and down a total of five times before they wrapped. After he shook hands and loosened his tie, he was heading to his car so we called Robert over.

And, he came right over to us, even before he confirmed what he was doing with his security guards. My friend Dana and I were among the first to get our photos with him, and besides being very sweaty and out of breath from his bike ride in the 87 degree heat, Robert was very friendly but was also a little reserved. My friend Dana's photo did not come out the first time, and when Rob granted her a second take, an overzealous fan jumped into the photo causing my friend to say "get the f#@$ out of my photo". To which Robert laughed and replied "good one". He then graciously granted her a third take, and the photo came out wonderful. I do not want to speak for everyone, but as far as I could tell the twelve or so people who had come across the set were lucky enough to get their photos with Rob before he excused himself to move to the next set and finish for the night. I do not want to come off as preachy, but while we waited we kept quiet and listened to the requests of the production staff and when Rob did wrap and we called to him, we did so calmly. When he came across the street, with the exception of the overzealous fan who jumped into my friend's photo, everyone kept calm and although he did not say Rob seemed to appreciate the fact that we did so. I think he showed his appreciation for our patience in waiting, and our calmness while dealing with him by allowing all of us the opportunity of meeting him. So if you are in a situation where you come across Robert, exercise restraint and remain clam and it should pay off.



yaelfica said...

this is the best blog ever!!! i even get advice on how to be a well behaved fan!!! haha..the story is awsome and i so envy you guys!!! coz im so far away that i ll never get that chance...ever... and yes..we will pray for the fans to understand that once and for all..LOOOOVEEE THIS BLOG!!!

Naples said...

Rob is a very gracious person.

Edwardia Maven said...

RPattz looks tired. He needs to come back here to London, get himself some of his mum's home cooking and see his dawg.

Sandra said...

Finally some fans with minds! It´s true, just stay calm and the "star" will appreciate that! Why do people always have to scream and shout? What sense does it make?
I´m glad that you got this chance!

I think he looks great a little tanned. I love it.